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Getting married with a legal wedding ceremony in Bali or choosing one of the various non legal ceremonies in celebration of your special occasion is one of the most precious events or recommitments that will ever take place in a couples life together, with the couple making a deep and meaningful pledge to one another by declaring their everlasting love & devotion, caring & support for each other, creating that flame that will burn for eternity making the couple not two but one.

Bali is a wonderful and popular choice for the celebration of a ceremony with many couples, whether it be for those couples getting married with a legal wedding ceremony with the exchange of personal vows and rings, or one of the various non legal ceremonies such as a Commitment Ceremony declaring your love and commitment to each other, the more spiritual Balinese Blessing Ceremony providing a spiritual uniting, Renewal of Vows expressing your love and devotion to each other or the Religious Only Ceremony providing a religious component to your ceremony.

Couples choosing to have their ceremony here in Bali we find to be much more relaxed on their ceremony day, therefore being able to truly enjoy their very special celebration, due to the environment and simplicity of the ceremony taking around 20 minute’s, depending on the type of ceremony that is chosen by the couple and its contents. Couples normally choose a time between four and five in the afternoon for their ceremony to commence being a much cooler part of the day and still providing enough time for those couples wanting to include photography prior to sunset.

Please simply click on any of the below icon’s to obtain further information.

Legal Wedding Ceremony
Indonesia recognizes five religions Protestant, Catholic, Hindu, Moslem and Buddhist and it is possible for couples to be legally married in Indonesia who follow one of these five religions with the religious ceremony based on the couples’ religion. A Protestant couple will have a Protestant Wedding Ceremony with a Protestant Minister, a Catholic couple a Catholic Wedding Ceremony with a Catholic Priest…………
iconCommitment Ceremony
A Commitment Ceremony is a non legal ceremony therefore popular to a variety of couples, with those couples already legally married, those couples yet to be legally married and those couples of the same sex, now wanting to celebrate their love and commitment to each other with a simple
but special ceremony………….

iconReligious Only Ceremony
A non legal Religious Only Ceremony is popular with those couples wanting to declare their love and devotion to each other, having a religious component attached to their ceremony without any of the legal implications attached to a legal wedding ceremony……
iconBalinese Blessing Ceremony
A Balinese Blessing Ceremony is enjoyed by those couples wanting a more spiritual component attached to their ceremony with the couple being able to experience some of the Balinese Culture & Customs.  Being a non legal ceremony this ceremony type is popular with those couples already legally married and those couples choosing to legally marry in the future, wanting now to experience something quite special and meaningful.
icon Anniversary / Vow Renewal
There are three non legal ceremonies that we can recommend for the very special celebration of your Renewal of Vows Ceremony and your choice will depend on the type of element you would like attached to your ceremony such as a religious, commitment or spiritual.

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