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Getting married in Bali with a legal wedding ceremony or non-legal wedding ceremony is popular with both foreign and local couples and what better place could be chosen than an island of such beauty and magic, the Island of the Gods.  Bali Mystical Weddings & Functions is a very new, innovative, spicy, flexible, competitively priced professional wedding & functions company in Bali offering a range of ceremonies for couples to select from for their special celebration in Bali and specialize in coordinating a legal wedding ceremony for those couples not yet legally married choosing to get legally married in Bali with the exchange of intimate vows & rings, for those couples already legally married with the celebration of a Vow Renewal Ceremony allowing the couple to reaffirm their love & devotion to one another, and for those couples yet to be married and not wanting to undertake a legal wedding ceremony in Bali, the choice of 3 non-legal wedding ceremonies, Commitment Ceremony, Religious Only Ceremony and Balinese Blessing Ceremony.

Not only can we coordinate a legal wedding ceremony or non-legal wedding ceremony in Bali but also coordinate group celebrations for those groups choosing to enjoy their special celebration in Bali with a celebration such as an engagement party, birthday celebration, family & friends gathering, surprise party or New Years Eve Celebration with a full function or reception dinner.

For couples wanting to get legally married in Bali and follow the religions of Protestant (Christian,) Catholic Buddhist, Hindu and Moslem can be legally married with a legal wedding ceremony in Bali which consists of two ceremonies, firstly the religious ceremony which is officiated by the relevant religious body according to the couples selected religious ceremony and secondly the civil ceremony officiated by The Civil Registry Office, with both ceremonies taking place consecutively at the couples selected ceremony location. The only exclusion to this is a Moslem Wedding Ceremony which is officiated by Kantor Urusan Agama “KUA” meaning Department of Religion and not the Civil Registry Office.

Any couple getting married in Bali by undertaking a legal wedding ceremony need to comply with relevant documentation requirements according to the Civil Registry Office and also those documentation requirements relevant to the couples chosen religious ceremony.  For Moslem couples wanting to be legally married in Bali documentation requirements will be those relevant to Kantor Urusan Agama / KUA. 

Foreign couples are required to supply us with photocopies of such documents as bride & groom birth certificates, details page of bride & groom passports & 2 witnesses, divorce or death certificate if relevant and photos of the couple standing together that will appear on the couples wedding certificates.  All documents are required to be submitted to us prior to their ceremony taking place so the relevant lodgments can be made on behalf of the couple.

For Indonesian Citizens wanting to get married in Bali they will need to supply photocopies of KTP Card, KK Card, birth certificate, divorce or death certificate if relevant and depending on the religious ceremony they choose either photographs of the couple standing together or in the case of a Moslem Wedding Ceremony individual photos of the couple prior to their wedding ceremony taking place. 

Please note if a couple choose to undertake Catholic, Buddhist, Hindu and Moslem Legal Wedding Ceremony further documentation will need to be provided to us with additional documentation relevant to the chosen religious ceremony, with all required documentation provided to us prior to the wedding ceremony taking place.

Proof that the couple are free to marry is also required to be applied for by those couples wanting to get married in Bali with a legal wedding ceremony and for foreign couples undertaking a legal wedding ceremony, application is required to be made for “Certificate of No Impediment” or similar document at the couples consulate in Bali and supporting documentation will also be required to be submitted with each nationality having its own specific requirements and procedures.  If the couple’s consulate is not represented in Bali then relevant information will be provided on how application should be made.  Application should be made no more than 3 months in advance of the wedding ceremony taking place with the original presented to us prior to the ceremony to enable presentation to relevant parties. 

Indonesian Citizen’s getting married in Bali with a legal wedding ceremony are required to obtain and complete Surat Lurah N1 – N4 and have it signed and stamped by Kantor Desa / Kelurahan.  Application will then need to be made for Surat Keterangan at Kecamatan at place of residence.  The original Surat Keterangan will then need to be taken to Kotamadya at place of residence for signing and stamping.  Those Indonesian Citizens who are of the Moslem Religion are required to complete Surat Lurah N1 – N4 and have it signed and stamped from Permerintah at place of residence. With application for Surat Keterangan made at Department Agama KUA at place of residence.  Other documentation may also need to be applied for in accordance with the applicant’s gender, age and marital status and should be checked with each office at the time of application.  Supporting documentation such as original KTP, KK card may also need to be provided at the time of application so we therefore recommend that a check is done with each office on what supporting documentation you will need to bring with you.  All original documents issued will need to be provided to us prior to your ceremony taking place.

For a couple choosing to undertake a non-legal wedding ceremony you will find documentation requirements to be less stringent as there are no legalities attached to the ceremony and for a Commitment Ceremony or Balinese Blessing Ceremony simply require the full names of the couple and if having witnesses to the ceremony their full names and a copy of the couples marriage certificate if the couple are already legally married.  For couples choosing a Religious Only Ceremony we will require photocopies of documents relevant to the chosen religious ceremony such as bride & groom birth certificates, details page of bride & grooms passports & their 2 witnesses, divorce or death certificate if relevant and photos of the couple standing together with further documentation requirements if a couple chose to undertake a Catholic, Buddhist, Hindu or Moslem Wedding Ceremony.

We do not offer set wedding ceremony or celebration packages and pricing and instead prefer to take a more flexible approach and firstly take the time to obtain a general understanding of the type of wedding ceremony or festivity that is to take place, personal requirements, expectations, budget & associated components and then design a personalized wedding ceremony or celebration package with pricing relevant to the coordination and assistance that we will be supplying, being unique to each couples specific wedding ceremony or celebration requirements and by taking this more flexible approach allows us to work with in the boundaries of any couples budget and also ensures that the couple are not offered items and services that are irrelevant to their particular needs and paying for items and services that they simply do not require or want which only causes time wastage and confusion.

For those couples choosing a non-legal wedding ceremony or those couples preferring to get married with a legal wedding ceremony in Bali, which is one of the most important days a couple will celebrate together, the couple will be provided with their own personal wedding consultant who will liaise with them starting from their initial wedding enquiry all the way through to the completion of their wedding day, with this service also provided to group celebrations and festivities.  We find this very important as having one contact point always makes the information flow much easier providing less risk of a communication breakdown and less of a chance of things being forgotten or mistakes being made. 

The couples consultant will provide full information relevant to the legal wedding ceremony or non-legal wedding ceremony the couple are choosing to undertake, such as the legalities of getting married in Bali (if undertaking a legal wedding ceremony), documentation & photo requirements, obtaining Certificate of No Impediment or similar document declaring freedom to marry (for a legal wedding ceremony), witnesses, ceremony text, religious and civil ceremonies (if undertaking a legal wedding ceremony), working with the couple every step of the way being available to answer any queries or requests for information that they may have along the way, as well as providing opinions & recommendations should they be required, ensuring  no end is left untied, removing all the stress related to organizing such an occasion and all it encompasses, leaving ever lasting memories of the couples special celebration.

As it is of most importance that everything runs as clockwork on your wedding day or special occasion a final checklist will be sent you prior to your departure to Bali which will confirm all details of your ceremony or special celebration with full details on components you have chosen to incorporate in your ceremony and day.  There will also be a list of any outstanding items, documentation or monies that will need to be provide to us prior to your ceremony or special celebration taking  place which can be done at your pre-ceremony or celebration meeting.

Our professional team will have the pleasure in coordinating your unique affair, whether it be for those couples getting married with a legal wedding ceremony in Bali with the intimate exchange of vows and rings, or one of the non legal wedding ceremonies such as a Commitment Ceremony declaring your love and commitment to each other, a Balinese Blessing Ceremony providing the couple with a more spiritual uniting, the very personal Vow Renewal Ceremony re-declaring your love and devotion to one another, or one of the many special celebrations such as an engagement party, family gathering, birthday party, New Years Eve celebration or surprise party, according to your theme, budget, dreams and desires.

We work with a number of professional local and western companies on the island and will be able to provide you with many options and recommendations on such components as location, food and beverage, wedding ceremony & reception set up and decorations, entertainment, bouquet and buttonhole, hair and beauty, photography, videography, slide show, even other activities that you and your guests may like to enjoy whilst here on holiday, such as a scenic day tour, a shopping tour or relaxing spa and massage day for the ladies or a game of golf, white water rafting, trekking or cycling for the gentlemen.

We can coordinate an intimate affair such as a sunset wedding ceremony on the beach with a romantic dinner for the bride and groom, to the more elaborate villa wedding ceremony and function encompassing your wedding ceremony and reception set up and decoration requirements, traditional Gamelan with dance performance whilst you and your guests relax and enjoy canapés and cocktails, light acoustic entertainment for your reception dinner, post reception dinning entertainment with a DJ or band with professional Salsa and Latin dance performances, finishing with a magnificent fireworks display and champagne toast. 

In our web site you will find general information on getting married in Bali with a legal wedding ceremony for those couples choosing to have a legal wedding ceremony in Bali, various ceremony options for those couples choosing to have one of the non- legal wedding ceremonies and special celebration options with various items & components you make like to incorporate for your easy reference. 

We would be more than happy to provide you with your personalized package and pricing based on your individual wedding ceremony and / or function or special celebration requirements and simply require you to click on the enquiry form located on the home page and select your choice of ceremony (if having a ceremony) plus any item or items that you would like included in your wedding ceremony and/or function or special celebration, provide information where necessary and that you feel relevant and forward the completed enquiry form back to us by simply clicking on submit.  Please ensure that information is provided in those areas that are marked “*” or your enquiry form will not be sent to us.  A verification notice will appear shortly after you have clicked on submit which will confirm that the enquiry form has been forwarded to us.

…..Bali Mystical Weddings & Functions making your unique affair everything you want and more…..

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